Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes ORMD Model ESB87070

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Esbit - Solid Fuel Cubes ORMD. Model ESB87070. Contains 12 cubes. Safe and highly effective - this compact solid fuel source will provide a steady and reliable heat for cooking, boiling water or for warmth in the outdoors. Used by various NATO forces, expeditions, in the aftermath of disasters and by a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Stable, non-explosive, non-toxic. Burns well at altitude. No cartridges to carry or dispose of. One 0.5 oz. cube will bring one pint of water to a boil in approximately 8 minutes. Ignites easily with matches or lighter. Does not spark or smoke. Burns cleanly without residue. Burns at 1300°. Burn time approximately 12 minutes. Individually sealed so you can use only what you need. Perforation allows one by one use. Makes a great fire starter. Boxed with hanging tab. ORMD products can NOT be shipped Air or International. Made in GERMANY

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